A Chronicle of Faith; My Faith

“I’ve gone through the fire, and I’ve been through the flood”… The words to a song the choir at my church, Love Chapel C.O.G.I.C., used to sing. I think about them, all the time. My faith in God has been tested on every hand. And, every time, He has seen me through. But, the hurt, it lingers. Still a test, the hurt, the aftermath, I set out to tell my story until I reach, and achieve deliverance, by and through faith! Take this journey with me, and share with me yours. God will see us through…I’m sure of it.  http://learn.wordpress.com/

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If you were to base Christianity solely on what you hear from others, you would think that the transition from sinner to saint is the easiest adjustment ever.  Choosing to follow Jesus is easy.  Breaking old thoughts, and habits: not so much.   After spending years in the wilderness of sin,  and even after studying the Bible on an academic level, I chose to come back to the Lord.  But, past relationships left a bad taste in my mouth.  Academic religion, and scholarly professors tried to steal whatever faith I had left in God.  Still, I am drawn to Jesus.

Walk with me on this journey.  Have a cup of coffee, and let’s sit down and discuss all the many things that can prick the skin, and disturb the heart, and mind when you try and take everything you know about the world, everything you have gone through in life, and toss it out…all in the name of faith.

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