via Daily Prompt: Heal

     “Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

Jeremiah 17:14

     Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee, and talk about healing this morning.

    The connotation that comes with the word “heal”, or “healed” is usually one that causes a person to visualize the making whole of something that is physically broken.  In fact, Merriam-Webster has the word “heal” defined as “to make or become healthy, sound, or whole”.   But, our spiritual selves often needed healing more than our physical selves do.

     We cry unto the Lord:

     “Heal what is broken in me!”

     And, after we have cried, after we have comforted our own minds by telling ourselves that from the moment that we began to cry out to Him, the moment we gave it to God, we were healed…after we’ve done all of that, faith kicks in, and we  believe that it is done.

     That’s what ‘faith’ is, right? The “substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen”? Being a Christian dictates that wholly believing in God, The Son, is to wholly believe that His work was finished on the Cross, right? And, “by His stripes, we…are…healed”!  Stop me if I’m wrong, now.  I know, the coffee is good.  But, it’s never so good to me that I can’t stop sippin’ and learn something new.  So, if there be no objections in the room, I’d like to go a little further.

    Here’s the problem.  Having faith in God sometimes causes us to forget that we are only human.  And, for those  who have been blessed enough to receive the Holy Spirit, ‘and have spoken in tongues as the Spirit gave you utterance’, the Bible says that “you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you”, and that Jesus sent back a “Comforter”.  It never says that you will become superhuman.  Now, with that being the case,  when somebody takes a jab at you, in the spiritual sense, when someone pokes at you in a place where you have already been hurt, if you have faith enough to believe that you are healed, then why does it still hurt?

     You know, thinking back to when I was a little girl, no matter how bad I had scraped up my little caramel colored knees,  when that cut, or scratch, got scabbed up, not that clear scab, but that thick, black scab that says the sore area is near about healed up, I would peel that thing off.  And sometimes, it would hurt.  Other times, it felt good.  But either way, it was getting picked at.  I wouldn’t let it be.  So, it took longer than usual to heal.

     Now, I don’t know about you.  But, no matter how close I get to God, I still have a memory.  And, this leaves me in a state where I am always checking my fleshly responses because I have been hurt so badly, and misused by so many people, that it is hard for me to trust anybody.  So, when I sense certain things about people, when something in their character is so familiar to some evil of yesteryear that I’ve encountered, I back up.   And, I back up quickly.

     I imagine myself picking at that scab, picking at that scab and feeling it pull away from the flesh; picking at it until it bleeds.

     Not letting it heal.

     Still tender in some places, and too foolish to let them heal over.

     But it’s a natural human response to be afraid of, or unnerved by, the snake that bit you yesterday.  So, why is it that when I am faced with a spirit, or characteristic in a person, that I know is of the devil, that I know may end up hurting me, why does it feel wrong for me to hang back so that I don’t get bitten again?

     Then, I start remembering the first time I got bitten.  And, I go over that thing, and over that thing, replaying it in my mind.  Because, the enemy does what? The enemy comes for your mind first.   And, if he can get your mind, if he can just set up camp in your thoughts, he’s got you.

     And, this is where fear must be dismissed, and where faith must be allowed to step in.  Fear will keep you  from healing.  Fear will keep you in the house, so far away from the rest of the world that you lose touch with humanity.  Fear, and anxiety, will keep you picking at that scab, and possibly infecting the wound.  You will remind yourself so often of that time you got bitten by a snake,  that you won’t even let yourself step out on an emotional porch because if one snake is in the area, there has got to be two.

     Why would you want to live out your days that way? Sore, and afraid.  See, in the natural, when you hurt yourself, Momma might not let you go out and play; you can’t enjoy yourself until you get all healed up.  It is the same way in our spiritual lives.  We can’t get to know new people for fear of running into the old ones.  We can’t get out and fellowship properly because we expect the worst out of people straight out of the gate.  And, as long as we have mentalities such as these, we are not really healed.

     Decide to stop picking at the scab.  Decide to be made whole.  Sometimes, healing comes from ones own hand.  Making the decision to not let your past rule your present, or destroy your future,  is a big step towards emotional wholeness.   So, you must understand that if you live your life based on what you feel, or what you ‘sense’ from other people, you will never be ok.  A scab on actual flesh gets itchier, and itchier during the healing process.  It gets annoying and irritating if you don’t keep it rubbed down in a little petroleum jelly.  And, maybe that is what you’re feeling around people, an emotional scab.   And, because you’re trying to heal up, mentally heal up, you get a lil mental itchiness, and irritation, around those areas that were emotionally cut on the most.

     Be healed.  You called out to the Lord: “Heal what is broken in me!”

     He heard you.

     Now, if you just let Him do His job, instead of relying on those ‘Super-Human’ powers that you’ve convinced yourself that you have, you might just be ok.  Leave the “spidey-sense” to Spiderman, and give people a chance; give yourself a chance to live again.

     Be healed; be whole.

     Until our next cup;


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