I hope you’ve got your coffee, and I hope it’s a big ole delicious cup full.  You see,  I was struck with a thought this morning, and I’d like for you to have time to sit for a moment, and let me share it with you.

     A few months back while speaking with an elder statesmen,  the topic of pacemakers came up.  Now, the elder statesmen see, he was old, and stricken with heart disease,  but he wasn’t ready to leave this world.  So, he had let the doctors install in him a thing that would jolt his heart if it should stop on him spontaneously, and bring him back to life; give him another chance.   He welcomed the thought of a second chance, for he had a chance to prolong the life that he cherished so much.   Life is worth preserving, isn’t it?  In our natural state, we want to hold on to life for as long as possible.  And, there is not a thing wrong with that.

     But, what about that thing that is meant to die?  This morning, as I sipped on my first cup of Joe, I thought about my spiritual life.  Flesh has to die in the natural, and flesh has to die in the spiritual.  But, how many of us keep people around that “jolt” us in the flesh, causing those things that should have died off, things that we should have long since buried after the acceptance of Christ, to come back to life again?  How many of us have the wrong pacemakers hanging around?

     Let me give you an example.

     When I came back to the Lord, I had the worse cussing spirit any one woman could have.  I don’t know if you know this, but once you’ve made up in your mind to clean up the way you present yourself, a reason to cuss presents itself in almost every circumstance.  And, I prayed:  “Lord, fix my tongue; fix my spirit.  Tame my mouth, Lord“, and I meant it from the bottom of my heart.  And, before I knew it, cuss words may have crossed my mind, but the Lord had blessed me to not let them come out of my mouth.  Until, I went around that one friend who can cuss better than I ever did, and they had no filter; no shame. They were funny, and witty, and they made me laugh from my belly.  I would be sitting there, thinking I can handle their conversation.  After all, what they are saying has nothing to do with me, right?  Wrong!  Before I knew it, I was so engulfed in the conversation that I became comfortable in it.  And, before I knew it, the old Janet had risen up, and BOOM! I cussed.

     Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not condemning them for their conversation.  People do what they do.  What I am saying, however, is that since I had come under conviction about the way that I spoke, the words that I used,  I had vowed to take off that part of my “old man”, and put on a new way of speaking in order to effectively draw others to Christ.  At that point, it became my responsibility to say “Hey, kill the cussing”,  or “God has changed me.  Please don’t speak that way around me anymore” rather than relax into hearing it, and getting so influenced as to become a part of it.    I had a pacemaker.  And, it was keeping the sinful part of my flesh very much alive.

     Now, this second cup is real good; exactly what I need.   And, with it comes a reminder:  “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate. saith the Lord”.  This verse, 2 Corinthians 6:17a, is in the Bible for a reason.  In the natural, when you get massive education, or become filthy rich, and hit a new tax bracket, there are certain people, certain places, certain things, that you just cannot be involved with any more.  You don’t think a certain way anymore.  You don’t carry yourself in a manner unbefitting to the position in which you have been placed.  Things have to change.  If not,  things can get pretty frustrating.  Things get frustrating because people who haven’t learned what you’ve learned, or been where you’ve been, or obtained what you have obtained, by the power of God, do not understand where you are.  They don’t get it.

     It is the same way in your spiritual life.  When you have been awakened spiritually, and you understand the power of God, why you need Him in your life, why you have to change, someone who has not come to that way of thinking yet cannot understand  your reasoning.  And, if you continue to hang around them in their sinful state, one of two things is going to happen. Either you are going to “jolt” something in them, or you’re going to let them “jolt” something in you.  And, you will sin.

     Pacemakers…Ask yourself are you allowing things to be revived in your life that serve you no purpose.   What is keeping you alive spiritually?  Now, it should be the Word of God.  If not, you need to check on your life source.

     Until our next cup;




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